In the wake of 9/11, Mel Green, a young Wall Street power player, is presumed dead—yet she’s very much alive. Breaking free from an abusive husband and corrupt workplace, Mel goes on the run and reinvents herself as a math teacher in small-town USA. Forgetting the past, she finds a semblance of peace and a place to call home.

Two decades later, at the edge of the northern Rockies, in a warm, and welcoming community, Mel regrets her secret past and has developed feelings for her new colleague, substitute teacher and part-time rancher, Riley Brown, who knows nothing of her real history. And she knows nothing of his.

Then her former husband/partner discovers her alive and shares shocking revelations. Recent FBI investigations reveal they were conned. Their investors in 2001 were using them to launder money for terrorists. The file Mel fled with years ago holds the key to the clients’ guilt. These “clients” now want that information buried—right along with Mel and her estranged husband.

Will Mel find the file she misplaced, come out of the shadows and provide evidence to the Feds? Or will the clients find her first?

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